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Marine Transportation to Sado

The only way to go from the mainland to Sado is by ship. There are three gateways to Sado Island, and three sea routes are available: the Niigata⇔Ryotsu Sea Route, the Teradomari⇔Akadomari Sea Route, the Naoetsu⇔Ogi Sea Route.


Niigata Port ⇔ Ryotsu Port
Car ferry Time required: 2 hours 30 minutes
Jetfoil Time required: about 65 minutes

Naoetsu Port ⇔ Ogi Port
Car ferry Time required: 2 hours 40 minutes

Teradomari Port ⇔ Akadomari Port
The high-speed boat Ibis Time required: about 65 minutes

<Boarding Procedure>
If you are boarding only as a passenger and without your car, fill in the passenger form and present it along with your ticket at the ticket gate.
If you are boarding with your car, fill in the vehicle transport application form and present it at the ticket window along with your shakensho (vehicle inspection certificate) to show the size of your car. Please make necessary preparations in advance!
For further information, visit the Sado Kisen website.

Information on the ships

  • Car Ferry Car Ferry
    The car ferriy is a large passenger ship which is 120-134 meters long and onto which vehicles can be loaded. In additon to the large carpeted 2nd-class lounges, the first-class lounges and special-class cabins and suite (reservation is required) are available.

  • Jetfoil Jetfoil
    The jetfoil is a high-speed boat (fully submerged hydrofoil) with all seats reserved. It can "fly" over the water at a super high speed of 80 kilometers per hour!

  • The Ibis The Ibis
    The Ibis is a high-speed boat that connects Teradomari and Akadomari, and all seats must be reserved. "Ibis" is the English word for "toki." The name and colors of the boat stem from the image of a crested ibis flying for the future.