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Transportation on Sado Island

Transportation on Sado Island is characterized by the fact that the roads are narrower than those in the mainland, and have many tunnels.

There is no railroad on the island, which makes using private cars the most common method of transportation, while the whole island has a network of bus routes, which serve the islanders and visitors to the island.
Other methods of transportation include regular sightseeing buses, taxis, and rent-a-cars.


Regular Sightseeing Bus
The regular sightseeing bus which starts from Ryotsu Port and Ogi Port is timed to connect with the arrival of the Sado Kisen ships. The best feature about the sightseeing bus is that the places to be visited are narrowed down in accordance with the themes of the trip, which will enable you to see the sights efficiently. Reservation is required for every bus tour, but in case there are any vacancies, you will be able to join the tour without a prior reservation. For further information, please contact one of the travel agencies or Niigata Kotsu Sado Regular Sightseeing Bus Reservation Center (Phone: 0259-52-3200).

Regular Route Bus
Sado Island has 16 bus routes, which can take you to places that sightseeing buses do not cover. Except for a few main routes such the Honsen Line, you can hop on and off the bus at places other than the designated bus stops. Depending on your destination, you may find that there are only a few bus services or you will need to change buses. So please check the bus timetable in advance.

For Sundays and holidays, a "two-day unlimited ride bus pass" is also available.

For further information, visit the Niigata Kotsu website.


The seating capacity of a small taxi (including the driver) is 5; a medium-sized taxi, 6; and a jumbo taxi, 10. Basically, 17 pre-arranged sightseeing routes are available, but you can talk with your driver about places to visit, and have him arrange a special course for you. Services other than sightseeing tours are also available.


You can rent a car at the terminal area of Ryotsu and Ogi Ports.
Mini cars, medium-sized cars and station wagons are available. A rent-a-car is ideal for a free, go-as-you-please trip.


Both ordinary push bicycles and electric bicycles are available.