Ogi Hina Doll Festival and Treasure Rally, in a town with a townspeople-oriented culture

Hina Doll Tour in Ogi, a town steeped in history and townspeople-oriented culture

The Ogi area features many old-fashioned, machiya-style houses, which are reminiscent of townspeople culture. During this doll festival, hina dolls and "treasures" with a long history are displayed along the Ogi Shopping Street where historical buildings stand in rows. At some shops, there are clay dolls on display, a reminder of exchanges with other parts of Japan that are peculiar to Ogi. Have fun at this event while enjoying a leisurely stroll around the town of Ogi.

開催日 2020年未定
開催地 Ogi City Centre
住所 〒952-0604 新潟県佐渡市小木町
お問合せ 0259-86-2216(Ogimachi Society of Commerce and Industry)
交通案内 小木港から車で約3分