Zeami Memorial Festival

Memorial services for Zeami and ritual dances

Memorial services are held and dances are dedicated in memory of Zeami, who was exiled to Sado. Mantras are chanted and incense offerings are made by representatives in front of the stage, followed by utai (chanting), shimai (a simplified version of Noh consisting of a dance accompanied by chanting), and Noh plays. On this occasion of the memorial services of Zeami, who developed Noh to perfection, performers from both inside and outside of the island gather.

開催日 2019年8月18日
時間 11:00~
開催地 Kanai Nogakudo (Noh Theatre)
住所 〒952-1211 新潟県佐渡市中興371- Ko
お問合せ 0259-27-5000(Sado Tourism Association)
料金 無料
交通案内 両津港から車で約20分
備考 *The performance programme is subject to change.