Kusakari Shrine Takigi Noh and Sagiryu Kyogen

Bonfire Noh Performance Offerings

The Noh stage at Kusakari Shrine is thought to have been built before the early Meiji Period (late 19th century), and there remains a record of Noh performances held here in the late Edo Period (mid-19th century). Noh has been performed continuously, and it is dedicated to gods at the Kusakari Shrine's annual festival (Hamochi Festival) on the 15th of June every year. Bonfires illuminate the stately Noh stage and invite you into the subtle and profound world of Noh.

開催日 2019年6月15日
時間 未定
開催地 Kusakari Shrine Noh Stage
住所 〒952-0504 新潟県佐渡市羽茂本郷1698
お問合せ 0259-27-5000(Sado Tourism Association)
料金 無料
交通案内 小木港から車で約15分
備考 *The performance programme is subject to change.
In case of rain, the venue may be changed. Please contact Sado Tourism Association for details.