Kuji Hachimangu Shrine Annual Grand Festival

A plethora of ritual performing arts dating from ancient times

Kuji Hachimangu Shrine Annual Grand Festival is presented by three villages. Among the performances dedicated are: to-to (sword dance) of the Nozaki village, and Hanagasa Odori (the flower hat dance) of the Jonokoshi village, which is a Niigata Prefecture Important Cultural Asset. The Ondeko (demon drumming) group from Shimokuji village travels from door to door starting early in the morning, and dedicates a performance to the shrine along the way. This traditional festival also features a portable shrine parade, Yabusame (horseback archery), and a musical procession of children.

開催日 2019年9月15日
開催地 Kuji Hachimangu Shrine in Shimokuji
住所 〒952-3424 新潟県佐渡市下久知780
お問合せ 0259-27-5000(Sado Tourism Assosiation)
料金 無料
交通案内 両津港から車で約15分
最寄りのバス停 河崎学校前(東海岸線)から徒歩15分