Sawasaki Festival

An autumn festival in Sawasaki featuring an Ojishi parade

Sawasaki is a village located on the westernmost tip of Sado, where the Sawasakihana Lighthouse is situated. With taraibune tub boats beached side by side, the village induces a characteristic atmosphere of the Ogi Coast. The main attraction of the festival is Ojishi (the big lion). Ojishi walks from door to door of the twenty-seven households from early in the afternoon until the evening. A demon called Gotsu also appears around the village, chasing after children.

開催日 2019年9月22日
開催地 Sawasaki (Kamiishi Shrine)
住所 〒952-0621 新潟県佐渡市沢崎422
お問合せ 0259-86-3200(Sado Tourism Assosiation Minami Sado Tourist Information Office)
交通案内 小木港から車で約15分
最寄りのバス停 沢崎(宿根木線)から徒歩1分