Anju Tenjin Matsuri

A summer festival in Hatano featuring a portable shrine parade

Anju Tenjin Matsuri is a summer festival in the Hatano area where Anjuzuka (Memorial Mound of Anju in Hatano) is situated. The festival features a portable shrine parade, Harigoma (spring foal dance), a folk dance, and representative Ondeko (demon drumming) groups from five villages in the Hatano area. The fifty-meter long nagashi-somen (an activity where people try to catch and eat thin, white noodles sliding down bamboo) using "Hatano-specialty" bamboo is a common attraction at this festival. You can enjoy yakitori grilled chicken skewers along with draft beer, while immersing yourself in live music performances on the outdoor stage on the eve of the festival. During the festival, painted paper lanterns lined up on the shopping street brighten up the night sky.

開催日 2019年8月24~25日
時間 24日17:00~、25日10:00~
開催地 Hatano Shopping Street
住所 〒952-0206 新潟県佐渡市畑野
お問合せ 0259-66-2458(Hatano Society of Commerce and Industry)
料金 無料
交通案内 両津港から車で約35分
最寄りのバス停 畑野学校前(南線)から徒歩2分
備考 The 26th of August (Festival Eve)