Kozan Matsuri

A traditional summer festival enlivening the town around Aikawa's gold and silver mines — Witness Aikawa's historical Okesa folk dance and song procession! —

This festival is held to appreciate the miners' hard work and to pray for further prosperity of the gold mine. The attractions include: a Shinto ritual at Oyamazumi Shrine, familiar to locals by the name "Yama no Kami" (the god of mountains); an Okesa dance and song parade; and fireworks, all of which are delivered mainly in the town centre of Aikawa. Kozan Matsuri is one of the three major festivals in Sado, along with Ryotsu Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival) and Kawabiraki, and Ogi Minato Matsuri.

開催日 2019年7月20~21日(予定)
時間 18:00~22:00
開催地 Town Centre of Aikawa
住所 〒952-1548 新潟県佐渡市相川羽田町(Areas centered around Aikawa Hanedamachi, Sado, Niigata)
お問合せ 0259-74-3515(Kozan Matsuri Committee Secretariat)
料金 無料
交通案内 両津港から車で約45分
最寄りのバス停 西警察署前(本線)から徒歩0分