Akadomari Festival(Oto Matsuri Festival)

A summer festival in Akadomari featuring a parade of Ojishi and Ondeko

Akadomari Festival is an annual festival presented by Shinmeisha Shrine located at the heart of the Akadomari area. This event marks the start of the summer festival season in Akadomari, where festivals are very popular. Two Ojishi (big lion) parade through the streets, and likewise, a team of Ondeko (demon drumming) travels from door to door. The spoken messages delivered in front of each household are also a sight to see (and hear!). A pair of demons dances face-to-face, accompanied by the cheerful music of the flute and taiko drum. Children, clad in happi coats with the sleeves tucked up, also appear as "small demons" and dance in turn.

開催日 2020年7月16日
時間 10:00頃~
開催地 Akadomari (Shinmeisha Shrine)
住所 〒952-0711 新潟県佐渡市赤泊
お問合せ 0259-86-3200(Sado Tourism Association Minami Sado Tourist Information Office)
交通案内 赤泊港から車で約1分