Sadokoku Ondeko Dot-com

Indulge yourself in local performing arts at Ondeko Dome!

Sadokoku Ondeko Dot-com showcases symbolic local performing arts of Sado such as Sado Okesa (folk song and dance) and Ondeko (demon drumming) under one roof. Every year around twenty five groups of local artists participate in this event, and it is so popular that it attracts more than 10,000 spectators. You can enjoy local entertainment, passed down over generations, from various areas in Sado without having to travel around. You will also find food stalls selling Sado specialties like seafood caught fresh off the coast of Sado, and Sado's local Japanese sake.

開催日 2019年5月26日
時間 9:00~
開催地 Ondeko Dome
公式サイト WEB
住所 〒952-0014 新潟県佐渡市両津湊138
お問合せ 0259-27-5128(Ryotsu Society of Commerce and Industry)
料金 無料
交通案内 両津港から車で約0分
最寄りのバス停 両津港佐渡汽船(本線)から徒歩3分