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Ryokan (inn) Urashima

The popular inn "Urashima"

The popular inn "Urashima"Ryokan Urashima is located close to Mano Bay to the west of the central part of Sado Island. Urashima, right beside which the Sawata coast extends, is thronged with sea bathers in summer, along with regular guests.
Originally, Urashima started out as a fish shop, and with the change of the times, it transformed itself into a caterer's shop, and then into a Japanese-style restaurant. It was in 1980 that Urashima became an inn. Late at night there were no means of transportation avaliable for the guests who would go home after enjoying the dinner, which made Urashima decide to provide them with lodging. Thus Ryokan Urashima came into being.
"Properly speaking, we should ask you to stay at our home..."―this spirit is the basis for all the services that Urashima provides. Even now, Urashima is an inn popular among people on the island, to say nothing of visitors from outside Sado.

Fish dishes for which local foodstuffs are used in great plenty

Fish dishes for which local foodstuffs are used in great plentyThe chef himself goes out to the fish market and purchases fishes and shellfishes, which are fresh and peculiar to Sado and plentiful. The dishes of fishes in season such as abalones, stonefish and rosy sea basses enjoy an established reputation even among Sado islanders.
The name of the inn "Urashima" stems from the inn's wish for the guests to "enjoy the dishes just as Urashima Taro did so in the Dragon's Palace in the tale of old Japan."
Please do enjoy to your heart's content Ryokan Urashima's dishes for which Sado's fishes and shellfishes and local foodstuffs are used in great plenty.

The inn designed by a designer who plays an active part in various scenes

The inn designed by a designer who plays an active part in various scenes Ryokan Urashima was designed by Mr. Koh Kitayama, an architect. The inside of the inn, of which white, red and blue form the keynote, is of very simple build. In the beginning, when the inn opened, the design of the building looked so new and original in the eyes of the guests in those days that they thought the building was still unfinished when they saw the pipes running through the ceiling and the concrete walls.
The building materials that match the location facing the ocean and the functional structure enable the inn to adjust itself to various events and gatherings. Urashima can transform itself into a venue for conferences, banquets, wedding receptions and so on in accordance with the needs of the guests. It is a very friendly inn that is very easy for the guests to take advantage of.

More details

Ryokan (inn) Urashima
Ryokan (inn) Urashima

name of facility Ryokan (inn) Urashima
address 978-3 Kubota, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
website (Japanese only)
business hours Checkin / 15:00  Checkout / 10:00
a regular holiday December 30 - January 3
a parking place,
a parking lot
Parking place: available / Free of charge / 30 cars
Facilities Overview 【Guest rooms】 20 rooms (Japanese-style rooms / 11 Western-style rooms / 9)
【Facilities】 The large bathroom, coin-operated laundry and automatic vending machines
a charge for
using (…)
An overnight stay with two meals (The charges for one person in case two persons or more share one room)
*The peak season (summer) / 12,600 yen ~ (for adults)
*Ordinary seasons / 10,500 yen ~ (for adults)
※The discount rates for business people are also available.
payment method cash or credit card
remarks column Wireless LAN is available throughout the entire inn.