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Hotel Meoto

The hotel where you can relax comfortably and peacefully, viewing the ocean

The hotel where you can relax comfortably and peacefully, viewing the oceanHotel Meoto is located at the beach commanding a fine view of Meotoiwa Rocks, the scenic spot on the Nanaura coast in the west of Sado Island. Right under your eyes is the sea, so you can enjoy playing at the beach, fishing and sea bathing if you have only a little spare time, which makes this hotel unique even on Sado.
Popular among the guests are the sunset seen from Hotel Meoto and the traditional folk crafts displayed in the hotel.
You can see the sun sink into the Sea of Japan from the restaurant, from the large hot-spring bathroom and from the guest rooms (on the ocean side). The beautiful scenery of the sea with the crimson setting sun and evening glow reflected on the waters spreads before your eyes. This sight cannot be seen at any other places.
The traditional folk crafts displayed all over the hotel are all antiques. Beside the shop is the section for the exhibition of funadansu, chests of drawers made by Sado's craftsmen, whose advanced techniques are really amazing.

The fish dishes that Hotel Meoto takes pride in are exceptionally delicious!

The fish dishes that Hotel Meoto takes pride in are exceptionally delicious!The fish dishes which Hotel Meoto serves with confidence are indeed exceptionally delicious. Twice a day―in the morning and evening―the chef himself purchases fish caught by local fixed net fishing after selecting with a professional's eye, so you can always enjoy fresh fishes and shellfishes in season. The dishes range from sashimi to local dishes unique to Sado, and you can enjoy excellent dishes the cooks have made, exercising their ingenuity.
Visitors who do not intend to put up at the hotel can also eat at the restaurant. You can enjoy to your heart's content the dishes which have made the most of materials in season.

The revival of the local dish called "Hachidai Ryori"

The revival of the local dish called "Hachidai Ryori"Hotel Meoto revived "Hachidai Ryori" in 2007, which used to be served whenever a wedding, a funeral or a festival was held.
Preparing "Hachidai Ryori" starts with placing "Ko-imari" (old Imari ware) dishes brought to Sado by Kitamaebune on small wooden dining tables covered with lacquer. Then the dishes are filled with local foods such as "nishime (vegetables boiled with soy sauce)" and "oshinko (Sado's dumplings)," with one kind in each dish.
Hachidai Ryori is served in large dishes, and it used to be made on occasions of weddings, funerals and festivals when many people gathered, but it took lots of time and labor, so with the change of the times, households preparing it became fewer and fewer. Mr. Sasaki, who is the owner of Hotel Meoto, desired to pass down local dishes unique to Sado and thought that only "Meoto,"where the traditional small dining tables and large dishes have been preserved, could do it. This existing state of things made him decide to revive "Hachidai Ryori."
※Since "Hachidai Ryori" involves the large dishes, it is usually not served. But the hotel may accept a request to have it served after taking into consideration the season and the number of the guests.

More details

Hotel Meoto
Hotel Meoto

name of facility Hotel Meoto
address 1267-5 Takose, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
website (Japanese only)
business hours 【Lodging at the hotel】 Checkin / 15:00 Checkout / 10:00
【Shop】 8:00 - 17:00
【Restaurant】 11:00 - 14:30 (The last order is taken at 14:00.)
a regular holiday no holidays throughout the year
a parking place,
a parking lot
Parking place: free of charge
large-sized vehicles: 20 cars midsize cars: 60 cars
Facilities Overview 【Maximum guest capacity】 145 guests
【Guest rooms】 32 rooms (17 rooms with bath and toilet)
【Facilities】 The large hot-spring bathroom, the banquet hall, the restaurant, the shop, the special section for the exhibition of funadansu (a kind of traditional chest of drawers)
a charge for
using (…)
An overnight stay with two meals / 7,500 yen ~
An overnight stay without board / 3,300 yen ~
Equipment Availabilities: a yukata bathrobe, slippers, a bath towel, a towel, a set of toothbrushing
payment method cash or credit card
remarks column Wireless LAN is avaliable in the front lobby and the restaurant.