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Oyado (inn) Hananoki

"Oyado Hananoki"

"Oyado Hananoki""Oyado Hananoki" is located in the Shukunegi village of the Ogi district in the south of Sado, which thrived thanks to the shipping industry in the old days.
Enchanted by this place surrounded by the sea and hills where nature can be fully enjoyed, a married couple opened this rustic inn in 1995.
A 150-year-old private house was dismantled and reconstructed on a site with an area of 2,000 tsubo (6,600 m2). Through the glass wall facing the courtyard you can see a fine silk tree, which is worth calling a symbol of flowering trees, and green spreading all over the yard. This sight will calm the mind of people who look at it just like a large-size painting.
In addition, on the site of Hananoki are the exhibition gallery of the works by Mr. Tosei Wananabe, a pottery artist and the landlord of Hananoki, and Kaza-no-kama (an anagama or a very old type of kiln made by digging a hole in the side of a hill).

Dishes that make the most of the ingredients

Dishes that make the most of the ingredientsYou are supposed to have both breakfast and dinner in the main building. Hananoki serves dishes in which plenty of Sado's foodstuffs in season are used and which are all choice dishes that make the most of the natural flavors of those foodstuffs. Especially, sashimi and salad that you eat with camellia oil and salt produced on Sado are superb, and you can enjoy the tastes innate in ingredients.
The camellia oil used in Hananoki is refined at Hananoki. The inn makes camellia oil from camellia seeds it has asked local people to collect. The landlady makes camellia oil just by squeezing the seeds without adding heat. She keeps on making it with great care with her wish to "make high-quality oil, even if it is small in quantity, from the camellia seeds which everyone is kind enough to collect."

The Ogi-misaki district full of charms

The Ogi-misaki district full of charmsAround Hananoki, there are many spots worth visiting such as places related to nature, culture and history. On the hill just at the back of the inn stands the large Jizo (guardian deity of children) of Happiness, which is so large as to serve as Hananoki's landmark, and a Buddhist image carved in a rocky hill, and these things will make your morning and evening strolls enjoyable.
If you go a little further away, you can see Ogi Folk Customs Museum, where the full-scale Sengoku-bune (large junk) is preserved, and the Shukunegi village built by shipbuilders, which is designated by the country as one of the Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings, and where you can view the streets that used to flourish in the Edo era thanks to the shipping industry.
In addition, you can experience marine leisure as there are many fishing and diving spots in the waters off the Ogi district. You can try a taraibune (tub boat) ride near a historical spot called Yajima-kyojima. You can also have a hands-on experience of drumming taiko at Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatako-kan), which is run by the staff of Kodo (the group of drumming artists). These are some of the examples of how the Ogi district is full of charms and appeals.

More details

name of facility Oyado (inn) Hananoki
address 78-1 Shukunegi, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
FAX 0259-86-2339
website (Japanese only)
business hours Checkin / 15:00  Checkout / 10:00
a regular holiday no holidays throughout the year
a parking place,
a parking lot
Parking place: available / 20 cars / Free of charge
a charge for
using (…)
An overnight stay with two meals / Three courses are available: 9,450 yen, 11,000 yen and 12,600 yen (tax included).
You can also choose an overnight stay with breakfast only or one without board.
※In case 1 person uses 1 room, an extra charge of 1,050 yen will be added to the regular charge.
payment method cash or credit card