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Exhibition and sales of mumyoi-yaki pottery

Exhibition and sales of mumyoi-yaki potteryTubakiya is the pottery's direct sales store that mainly deals in the pottery produced at "Hananoki Kaze-no-kama," the mumyoiyaki pottery. In the octagonal building, which is rare on Sado, mumyoi-yaki pottery (coffee cups, bowls, tea cups, pots, vases and so on) is exhibited and sold.
Each article has a different pattern, so please watch them, touch them, and look for your own favorite.

"Mumyoi-yaki," Sado's pottery

"Mumyoi-yaki," Sado's pottery "Mumyoi" originally means red-colored clay containing much iron that has been dug out of Sado Gold Mine, and it is said to have once been used as a hematinic in traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, the pottery which is made by mixing this clay with ordinary porcelain clay and baking it at a high temperature is called "Mumyoi-yaki," and has become Sado's specialty which is well-known as metalic pottery.
Mumyoi-yaki pottery is hard and strong, and the more you use it, the more lustrous the pottery becomes.

The works of pottery are exhibited, too!

The works of pottery are exhibited, too!At Tsubakiya, "Mumyoi-yaki Saien," the work for which Mr. Tosei Watanabe, the owner of Hananoki Kaze-no-kama won a prize and was decocrated with an order overseas, is on display. Please do appreciate the marvel of Mr. Tosei Watanabe's works with your own eyes.

What is "Mumyoi-yaki Saien"?
It is a work of pottery made by baking the red clay and bringing out the gold color. "The golden flames" brought out by firing the clay at a high temerature without using any graze have a unique taste that cannot be found in anything else.

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name of facility Tubakiya
address 111-1 Kaizuka, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
business hours 9:30 - 17:00
a regular holiday Scheduled to be closed during the winter season
a parking place,
a parking lot
Parking place: available / 30 cars / Free of charge
Large-size buses can be parked, too.
commodities that are dealt in (sold) Works of pottery
payment method cash or credit card