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Handmade clay dolls that have taken in the spiritual culture of Sado Island

Handmade clay dolls that have taken in the spiritual culture of Sado IslandKojiki-an's clay dolls (dolls whose material is clay) that are made in the traditional way.
These dolls are derived from the reproductions of "Yahata dolls," which used to be produced in the district called "Yahata" on Sado Island. When the clay dolls were first made, there were only about five varieties, but now you can find more than sixty varieties including original dolls ― from dolls that are designed to bring good luck to unique ones that embody the natural features of Sado.
Because the craftsmen always keep in mind making "tasteful things" and because dolls are hand-painted, each clay doll that is given birth to has a little different expression.

The spiritual culture of the Osaki village

The spiritual culture of the Osaki villageOsaki of the Hamochi district, where Kojiki-an is located, is a small village consisting of 80 odd households.
The people of the Osaki village which has a basin-like terrain surrounded by hills seem to have a strong sense of solidarity and a temperament that does not make much of profit-and-loss arithmetic.
"Osaki Buckwheat Party," which started in answer to visitors' "wish to eat the buckwheat noodles of Osaki," was held only once a year at first, but word spread gradually, and now the regular party is held five times a year. When group activities such as gatherings to show respect for the aged and workshops are taken into account, the buckwheat party is held over 50 times a year in total.
It is the desire of the people of the district to please visitors and cooperate that enables the party to be carried on.

The tradition of the district that has been handed down from generation to generation

The tradition of the district that has been handed down from generation to generationAnother characteristic of the Osaki village is the spirit to take in whatever they think is good including advanced thoughts, while they preserve things of old times which they think are good. This regional characteristic has led the people to carry on such traditional performing arts as "Chobokuri" and "Bunya-ningyo" (puppet plays), "Koryu-no-ikebana" (old-style flower arranging), "Kominyo" (old folk songs), and so on. The culture which did not take root or ceased to exist in other districts has still been passed down solemnly in Osaki.

Many people from on and outside of Sado come to visit Mr. Kuzuhara. There may be many people who are soothed or saved by his personality. He always reminds us of something important that is inherent in human beings.

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name of facility Kojiki-an
address 2025 Hamochi-osaki, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
business hours 9:00 - 17:00
a regular holiday Open daily except otherwise noticed
payment method cash
commodities that are dealt in (sold) Clay dolls, bamboo toys and so on